Ama Amo Agyei

Ama Amo-Agyei is the founder of Plantmade, a brand of vegan, handmade hair care products. Designed to help with common hair problems, such as hair loss, thinning and breakage, as well as promote healthy hair and beard growth, the products are made from proven natural ingredients and traditional remedies. Ama is an advocate for social justice and community empowerment. With a deep-rooted passion for creating positive change, she has dedicated herself to championing the rights of marginalised communities.

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Lee Chambers

Lee Chambers is a respected psychologist and founder of the inclusive wellbeing agency Essentialise. In addition to leading on culturally sensitive and responsive therapies, he supports a range of multicultural employee resource groups in collaborating with other networks to create intersectional projects, and has recently worked with Oracle, KPMG and Invesco. He is a judge for Race Equality Matters, launched Black STEM Futures in 2022, and was inducted into the Black Cultural Archives Future Leaders Index. He recently received a Kavli Fellowship from the National Academy of Sciences in the USA, becoming the first Black British scientist to receive the award in its 33-year history, and is on the CMI Women’s Board.

Misan Harriman

Misan Harriman is an accomplished photographer and visionary storyteller known for his profound ability to capture authentic moments and emotions through the lens. Misan’s work transcends traditional photography, evoking empathy and sparking meaningful conversations. As a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, he uses his artistry to amplify under-represented voices and shed light on pressing social issues. Misan’s powerful visual narratives have earned him widespread recognition, making him a leading force in the realm of contemporary photography and a driving inspiration for positive change in the world.

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi is a multi-talented and ambitious woman with a passion for empowering and inspiring others. She is the CEO and Founder of Sapphire Community Group, The Sapphire Foundation, and Sapphire Delivery, focusing on youth development. Jasmine is also a politician, film writer, director, mentor, motivational speaker, coach, spoken word artist, and producer. Her impressive achievements include multiple publications, a TV show, radio show, film, screenplay, and charity work.

Vee Kativhu (1)

Vee Kativhu

Vee Kativhu, a 24-year-old girls’ education activist from Zimbabwe and the UK, is the founder of Empowered By Vee, a youth empowerment organisation. Vee shares practical study advice and empowers underprivileged youth globally to recognise their academic abilities. She has been recognised for her efforts to bridge education inequality. Vee is a Young Leader for the UN Sustainable Development Goals and actively volunteers and fundraises for education-focused charities. Her debut book, Empowered: Live Your Life with Passion and Purpose, encourages young people to set life goals and career aspirations and stay motivated to achieve them, even in the face of rejection or hardship.

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Yusra Mardini

Yusra Mardini is an inspiring Syrian swimmer and refugee advocate. Her incredible journey began when she and her sister swam for hours to save fellow refugees during their perilous Mediterranean Sea crossing to Europe. Yusra’s talent as a swimmer earned her a spot in the Refugee Olympic Team at the 2016 Rio Olympics, where she captured the world’s attention with her resilience and determination. Beyond sports, Yusra uses her platform to raise awareness about the plight of refugees, advocating for their rights and highlighting their untapped potential. Her story symbolises hope, courage, and the strength to overcome adversity in pursuit of a better life.


Sakina Saidi

Sakina Saidi is a French-Moroccan illustrator living in London who creates diverse and inclusive prints which represent everyone. Sakina is an equal rights activist and promotes diversity and inclusivity on her social media platforms. Born and raised in France by Moroccan parents, Sakina grew up learning about different cultures and traditions, and her experiences nurtured her style and the desire to represent this beautiful mix of cultures in her art. Her work tells stories about how she sees the world, with a cheerful and hopeful outlook and she believes in bringing people together through shared human values.

Sobia Seher

Sobia Seher, of Pakistani descent and the Ahmadiyya Muslim faith, is the first female Ahmadi Muslim officer in the Metropolitan Police, joining in 2020. Despite facing persecution and discrimination against her community in some countries, she is proud of her identity and faith. As an emergency response police officer in south west London, she faces challenges as a hijab-wearing, mature female officer in a young workforce amid policing scandals. However, Sobia performs her role with pride and professionalism, inspiring others with her motto “Hatred for none, love for all”. Her determined attitude and character earned her the Met’s Special Recognition Award in 2022, making her a true inspiration and role model.


Cephas Williams (1)

Cephas Williams


Cephas Williams is a visionary social entrepreneur dedicated to promoting positive change through art and storytelling. As the founder of impactful initiatives, including setting up the Black British Network (BBN), an organisation aimed at combating systemic racism in the UK, Cephas challenges stereotypes, tackles racism and social injustice, and fosters inclusivity. His exceptional use of social media and visual storytelling has earned him recognition as a digital trailblazer, inspiring others to join the fight for a better world. Cephas’s unwavering commitment to using his artistry for social good leaves a profound impact both online and offline, empowering marginalised communities globally.

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Heela Yoon

Heela Yoon is a self-directed and non-profit professional experienced in working with humanitarian organisations in conflict-affected countries. She has grassroots-level experience in peacebuilding and localisation of the women, peace, and security agendas in countries like Afghanistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and The Philippines. Heela’s accomplishments include founding the Afghan Youth Ambassadors for Peace Organization (AYAPO) and receiving prestigious awards and positions including the Cora Weiss Peacebuilding Fellowship, Youth Peace Fellowship at Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice, 30 For 2030 UN Women Asia Pacific Network Award and Chevening Scholarship 2021. She has been recognized by the United Nations and the Office of Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth as one of the Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals.