The Judging Panel

As in previous years, our judging panels will convene to review the Top 10 submissions and select the winners for each category.

Our distinguished panel of judges will receive evidence submission packs for each of the Top 10 submissions within specific categories. After reviewing and deliberating independently, judges will submit their decisions. Subsequently, all judges are invited to a meeting to finalize the winners and discuss any categories where consensus has not been reached. Judges with affiliations to any nominated category are excluded from deliberations on that category and must leave the room during those discussions.

The judging panel comprises business leaders and diversity specialists, all of whom are deeply committed to issues of ethnicity and the Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) agenda, both in the workplace and the broader community. The panel is responsible for deciding the winners in corporate categories. Winners in public categories are determined through a general public nomination process.

Talent is everywhere; opportunity is not.