What It’s Like at Embrace: An OVO Case Study

September 6, 2022
September 6, 2022 Emma Lisanti

Hear from Anj, OVO’s Diversity Network lead, on what inclusion and change looks like to them, and at OVO.

Hi, I’m Anj (my pronouns are she/they) and I’m the co-lead for the OVO Embrace Network which aims to build an inclusive environment where people from all racial and ethnic backgrounds can thrive. I joined the network in June 2022 to help make OVO a more inclusive workplace so that different kinds of people could feel understood in their unique experiences and be provided with equal opportunities.


In many organizations, inclusion and diversity networks are a part of a larger diversity plan to show the organization’s values. Here at OVO, our Embrace network has been carefully curated to provide a place to practice to share ideas, challenge the status quo, and to educate. Examples of this vary from arranging sessions with guest speakers to creating e-learning modules; the safe space exists to challenge ourselves so that we are providing everyone with equal opportunities and importantly, an allyship space to learn.


I joined and co-lead the embrace network because I want to be a part of the change. As an Asian woman, I’ve experienced racism and struggled with feelings of belonging in various communities. This really motivates me to want to help. Initially, what surprised me the most about the networks at OVO was how action-orientated it is – the Embrace network is constantly moving quickly and discussing how we can improve, what we can do next and how we can do more. It’s really inspiring to be among people who have the same motivations and desire to drive change.


This article was written by Anjelah Balachandran, from our Category Partner, OVO.