Cadent Gas Case Study: Maryam Master

September 21, 2023
September 21, 2023 Admin Ethnicity Awards

Maryam Master

Maryam Master has helped shape the future of Cadent. Through her dedication and unrivalled passion, Maryam has made our workforce and operational roles more accessible and inclusive to current and perspective colleagues that practice faith (many who are Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority) through the development of Cadent’s first Fire-Retardant PPE Hijab.

As a commercial trainee, she took sole responsibility for the initiative, working with suppliers to develop a product which is practical in the field, comfortable to wear, whilst complying with fire regulations that alternative products on the market, didn’t meet. Not only this, but she is now continuing work towards creating an inclusive Turban to further increase accessibility of field and operational roles to all communities.

Maryam is an inspirational future leader, seeing beyond the boundaries and constraints of what’s in place today, to champion change for how we can meet and exceed the needs of minority groups.