HSBC’s UK Embrace aims to inspire and support our minority ethnic colleagues and their allies to perform to the best of their abilities in an open, inclusive and supportive environment. We work together with senior leaders to engage and influence HSBC policy and culture from the top down, offering guidance and education to address different ethnicity biases that affect our colleagues. Through activities and events, Embrace also supports the professional development of our members, providing them with mentoring and career development opportunities. We also partner with HSBC’s various lines of business to embed ethnicity initiatives and promote inclusion.


BT’s Ethnic Diversity Network is dedicated to empower and amplify the voices of our racially diverse communities. We are a key influencer in breaking down barriers, to elevate and create a diverse pipeline of talent.

We are a strategic partner to the business and influenced BT’s ExCo to develop BT’s Ethnicity Rapid Action Plan, which fast tracks diverse talent. Our values are Togetherness, Education and Allyship. We support local communities to develop the next generation of leaders and act as proud sponsor of the Aleto Foundation.

We use our voices to drive sustainable societal change by leading campaigns like #HopeUnited.


At Sainsbury’s, we’re committed to being a truly inclusive retailer where people love to work and shop. Our ‘I AM ME’ network plays a pivotal role in driving positive and impactful change for our ethnically diverse colleagues by building confidence and support across the business. This includes training senior leaders and the Board in understanding and fluently talking about race and ethnicity, influencing key divisions to drive leadership accountability and action, increasing network membership and opportunities, working with a range of charities in the Black community and more.


Moody’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) contribute to our goal of developing a more effective and inclusive work environment for all employees across the company. Moody’s ERGs are open to all employees globally and serve as powerful tools that support the recruitment, development and retention of our employees. The mission of the EMEA Black Inclusion Group is to support the recruitment, empowerment and advancement of Black employees; promote and foster allyship to maintain a diverse, inclusive and collaborative culture at Moody’s.


MOSAIC-UK is an employee network that promotes, supports and celebrates the rich ethnic diversity across UBS through increasing awareness, engagement and coaching.

Our network is open to all who seek to support and establish a more balanced, ethnically diverse employee population. We aim to achieve this by improving the way we recruit, represent and develop our employees of different ethnic backgrounds.

We believe in being able to enhance the career experience of our employees from diverse backgrounds by engaging them in decisions which will contribute to an overall more inclusive organisation.


We are committed to ensuring our people bring their whole selves to work. Our thriving Origins network is made up of dedicated, passionate, and diverse Arcadians, led by an exec sponsor focused on racial diversity and inclusion. We have regular coffee mornings and interactive webinars to connect globally and at every level of seniority to discuss issues that are on our minds. This enables open, honest conversations, which are sometimes uncomfortable, but always rewarding, both for our people and for our business. Through our cross-sector partnerships, we take internal learning and momentum externally to accelerate the journey of other organisations.


The PWC Jewish Network aim is to educate and ensure we create an inclusive and diverse work environment so colleagues feel comfortable in a work setting . We aim to educate , network , develop and create a community for any one within the Firm . Any engagement with the Jewish network will feel like being part of an extended family . We enjoy sharing food and company as well as being a sounding board .


Represent is an employee resource group for supporting ethnic and cultural diversity, equity and inclusion. Our mission is to make dentsu international a welcoming workplace for all ethnicities and a driving force for a culturally progressive and diverse industry.

We organise and promote a rich calendar of events to celebrate the cultural moments of minority ethnic groups, and raise awareness of racial discrimination and unconcious bias. Use events to raise funds for charities, including Black Minds Matter, Decolonising Contraception, and The Trussell Trust.

We run a reverse mentoring programme that pairs our senior and exec leadership teams with individuals from minority ethnic backgrounds. We work cross-functionally with HR, Comms, and other employee resource groups to improve responsible collection of employee personal data, so that we can measure and report our diversity and pay gap. We create safe spaces for members of particular racial identity groups to connect, share their experiences, and provide each other with support and mentorship. We work with our clients and partners to tackle racial discrimination and unconcious bias in advertising, using our strength as one of the world’s biggest advertising groups for good.


The Collective was set up in 2017 after a companywide audit revealed that the lived experience of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic staff was falling short of company values. Ever since this ERG has been committed to creating positive change for Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic staff at Channel 4, by lobbying to advance the employee life cycle of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic staff and holding the organisation to account.

The Co-Chairs have successfully normalised the celebration of cultural diversity in the workplace, created a safe space to share experiences and learn different perspectives for all staff, hosted a plethora of internal and external events to entertain and educate, fosters a collaborative culture with internal and external stakeholders, increased engagement with senior leaders, have achieved high levels of positive impact and increased employee engagement.