‘Good talent knows no boundaries’ – Computacenter

September 25, 2023
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September 25, 2023 Admin Ethnicity Awards

Allen & Overy invite you to 'Think Differently'

Good talent knows no boundaries, and neither do we. We know the benefits of a diverse workforce and we celebrate our differences. A workforce with different experiences and perspectives is key to our success. Through harnessing the power and experiences of our diversity we can better reflect and understand our customers and drive innovation, giving us a strong competitive advantage and helps us to provide the best service to our customers. 


We also know it’s not enough to just be present, we want everyone to feel a true sense of belonging at Computacenter and know they are valued for who they are and what they bring. We want ours to be a culture where everyone can be themselves; where they are valued, respected, and supported to reach their full potential and we’re working hard to make this a reality.  

We want our people to have the opportunity to influence and create a working culture they are proud to be part of. As our diversity & inclusion activities have grown, we’ve seen large numbers of our people wanting to play a more active role and we know that it’s important that our initiatives are driven by and for our people. This is why our people networks and Employee Impact Groups are at the centre of our work, setting the agenda and driving our work forward.


We’re passionate about making lasting changes to not only our business, but to the sector as a whole. Our work with future talent, with a particular focus on encouraging more young people to consider careers in STEM, remains a significant part of our strategy and focus to ensure we build a strong pipeline of diverse talent for the future.


We’re proud of how far we’ve come, but we’re looking forward to what’s next.